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    Houston Police Department (TX)

    Officer Richard Martin was intentionally struck and killed by a vehicle as he set up spike strips at the intersection of N Kirkwood Road and St. Mary's Lane during a... more
  • fallen heroes

    Allegheny County District Attorney's Office - Investigative Division (PA)

    Detective Paul Koropal suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in serving of 11 search warrants in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He and other members of a federal narcotics task force were... more
  • fallen heroes

    King County Sheriff's Office (WA)

    K9 Jimmy was struck and killed by a tractor trailer on State Route 99, in Tukwila. His handler was conducting off-leash exercises with Jimmy in Cecil Moses Memorial Park during their... more
  • fallen heroes

    Johnson County Sheriff's Office (AR)

    Reserve Deputy Sonny Smith was shot and killed as he and other deputies searched for a burglary suspect in the area of County Road 1723 at approximately 2:30 am. He located... more
  • fallen heroes

    Ligonier Township Police Department (PA)

    Lieutenant Eric Eslary was killed in a vehicle collision on Route 30, near Clark Hollow Road, at approximately 2:00 am. His patrol SUV was struck head-on by a van driving the... more
  • fallen heroes

    Manchester Township Police Department (NJ)

    Corporal Scott Thompson suffered a fatal heart attack while working out in the police department gym as part of its wellness program. He was transported to Community Medical Center where he... more
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