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    El Paso County Constable's Office - Precinct 1 (TX)

    Constable Robert White was killed during an altercation with a subject while working an overtime assignment on the 400 block of Anthony Avenue in Canutillo. At approximately 12:30 am Constable White... more
  • fallen heroes

    Rio Rancho Police Department (NM)

    Officer Anthony Haase was killed in a single vehicle crash near the intersection of Idalia Road and State Road 528 while responding to a domestic violence call at approximately 3:00... more
  • fallen heroes

    Maury County Sheriff's Department (TN)

    Deputy Sheriff Darrell Perritt was killed in a vehicle crash while assisting another deputy who was in pursuit of a DUI suspect shortly after 3:00 am. His patrol car left the... more
  • fallen heroes

    United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police Services (US)

    Police Officer Ronald Leisure suffered a fatal heart attack while conducting a foot patrol of the VA Medical Center in Livermore, California, at approximately 11:15 am. He was conducting checks of... more
  • fallen heroes

    Sacramento County Sheriff's Department (CA)

    Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver was shot and killed as he and another deputy investigated a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a motel in the 2000 block of Arden... more
  • fallen heroes

    Leon County Sheriff's Office (FL)

    Deputy Sheriff Christopher Smith was shot from ambush when he responded to reports of a house fire at the end of Caracus Court. Deputy Smith was among the first to... more
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