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    South Texas Specialized Crimes and Narcotics Task Force (TX)

    Assistant Commander Ken Starrs was killed when his department vehicle was struck by a Union Pacific freight train at a crossing on County Road 2140, near Highway 77, in Kleberg... more
  • fallen heroes

    Peach County Sheriff's Office (GA)

    Deputy Sheriff Daryl Smallwood died of injuries he sustained when he and Sergeant Patrick Sondron were shot after responding to a neighbor dispute on Hardison Road, near Route 42, near... more
  • fallen heroes

    San Antonio Police Department (TX)

    Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed from ambush as he conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle near the intersection of West Nueva Street and Santa Rosa Street at... more
  • fallen heroes

    Pembroke Police Department (NC)

    K9 Payne succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained on November 18th, 2016, when he was shot while on duty in the area of Union Chapel Road and Garden Street. Payne's handler had... more
  • fallen heroes

    United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection - United States Border Patrol (US)

    Border Patrol Agent David Gomez suffered a fatal heart attack while on bike patrol in El Paso, Texas. He and several other agents were riding on McKelligan Canyon Road when Agent... more
  • fallen heroes

    United States Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service (US)

    Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers was shot and killed as he and other members of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force attempted to serve a warrant on a subject in Long... more
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