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    Pikeville Police Department (KY)

    Police Officer Scotty Hamilton was shot and killed at approximately 11:30 pm as he and a Kentucky State Police trooper conducted criminal patrol on Hurricane Road, in the Hurricane Creek... more
  • fallen heroes

    Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office (NC)

    Deputy Sheriff David Manning was killed in a vehicle crash as he pursued a car on Highway 111 halfway between Tarboro and Pinetops, at approximately 6:15 pm. His patrol car collided... more
  • fallen heroes

    Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office (FL)

    Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey and Sergeant Noel Ramirez were shot and killed from ambush as they took their lunch break in a restaurant at 1122 East Wade Street, in Trenton. At... more
  • fallen heroes

    Zachary Police Department (LA)

    Reserve Officer Chris Lawton was killed after being intentionally struck by a vehicle as he attempted to serve a narcotics-related felony warrant. He and another officer had spotted the wanted subject... more
  • fallen heroes

    Marin County Sheriff's Office (CA)

    Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Highway 1, north of Point Reyes Station, while responding to a 911 hangup call shortly after 12:00 am. His vehicle... more
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    Whitesboro Police Department (NY)

    Patrolman Kevin Crossley was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Oriskany Boulevard and Westmoreland Street at approximately 7:55 pm. A vehicle traveling on Oriskany Boulevard in the opposite... more
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