About Our Flag

Our flag was created to give people in the community a way to pay tribute to fallen heroes when they die in the line of duty. Our flags are made for both indoor and outdoor use whether at home or at the office.


Fly your flag outdoors:

  • To pay tribute to your personal hero
  • To pay tribute to other fallen heroes
  • On the anniversary of fallen hero
  • Memorial Day
  • National Police Memorial Week – (May)
  • Memorial Day
  • Garage


Display your flag indoors:

  • Framed or Tribute rod
  • Hang in your office
  • Tribute room
  • Garage
  • Place of business
  • Garage
  • Garage



Allow co-workers to pay tribute by:

  • Hanging in stations
  • Watch commander’s office
  • Public lobby
  • Roll call rooms
  • During memorial events
  • During funerals
  • Garage


Allow the community to pay tribute by:

  • Street pole banners
  • Event flags
  • Overpass banners
  • Bus bench imaging
  • Mini hand flags
  • Auto/Motorcycle flags
  • Garage
  • fallen heroes

    Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office (NC)

    Deputy Sheriff David Manning was killed in a vehicle crash as he pursued a car on Highway 111 halfway between Tarboro and Pinetops, at approximately 6:15 pm. His patrol car collided... more
  • fallen heroes

    Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office (FL)

    Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey and Sergeant Noel Ramirez were shot and killed from ambush as they took their lunch break in a restaurant at 1122 East Wade Street, in Trenton. At... more
  • fallen heroes

    Pomona Police Department (CA)

    Police Officer Gregg Casillas was shot and killed as he attempted to arrest a man in the 1400 block of South Palomares Street following a vehicle pursuit. The vehicle fled after... more
  • fallen heroes

    Marin County Sheriff's Office (CA)

    Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Highway 1, north of Point Reyes Station, while responding to a 911 hangup call shortly after 12:00 am. His vehicle... more
  • fallen heroes

    Paterson Police Department (NJ)

    Police Officer Tamby Yagan was killed in a vehicle crash near 150 Getty Avenue at approximately 11:00 am. He suffered fatal injuries when his patrol car collided with a parked vehicle.... more
  • fallen heroes

    New Castle Police Department (PA)

    Detective Sergeant Brian Cuscino suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in the department's mandatory physical fitness program at approximately 7:30 am. He collapsed while using a treadmill at a local... more
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