About Our Flag

Our flag was created to give people in the community a way to pay tribute to fallen heroes when they die in the line of duty. Our flags are made for both indoor and outdoor use whether at home or at the office.


Fly your flag outdoors:

  • To pay tribute to your personal hero
  • To pay tribute to other fallen heroes
  • On the anniversary of fallen hero
  • Memorial Day
  • National Police Memorial Week – (May)
  • Memorial Day
  • Garage


Display your flag indoors:

  • Framed or Tribute rod
  • Hang in your office
  • Tribute room
  • Garage
  • Place of business
  • Garage
  • Garage



Allow co-workers to pay tribute by:

  • Hanging in stations
  • Watch commander’s office
  • Public lobby
  • Roll call rooms
  • During memorial events
  • During funerals
  • Garage


Allow the community to pay tribute by:

  • Street pole banners
  • Event flags
  • Overpass banners
  • Bus bench imaging
  • Mini hand flags
  • Auto/Motorcycle flags
  • Garage
  • fallen heroes

    Chicago Police Department (IL)

    Police Officer Bernie Domagala succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound sustained on July 14th, 1988, while at the scene of a barricade situation at 7237 S. Stony Island Avenue. Officer... more
  • fallen heroes

    Hardee County Sheriff's Office (FL)

    Deputy Sheriff Julie Bridges and Sergeant Joseph Ossman, of the Florida Department of Corrections, were killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Route 66 and Old Crewsville Road,... more
  • fallen heroes

    North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Division of Prisons (NC)

    Correction Enterprises Manager Veronica Darden and Correctional Officer Justin Smith were killed during an escape attempt from the Pasquotank Correctional Institute at approximately 3:00 pm. Several inmates ignited a fire inside... more
  • fallen heroes

    Puerto Rico Police Department (PR)

    Agent Roberto Medina-Mariani was shot and killed while attempting to take action during a robbery while off duty at approximately 10:30 pm. He was inside a restaurant in the Mag├╝eyes neighborhood... more
  • fallen heroes

    Polk County Police Department (GA)

    Detective Kristen Hearne was shot and killed as she and another officer responded to reports of a stolen vehicle at the intersection of Highway 100 and Santa Claus Road. As the... more
  • fallen heroes

    Michigan State Police (MI)

    Trooper Timothy O'Neill was killed in a motorcycle crash, in Plainfield Township, at approximately 7:45 am. He was riding his department motorcycle when he was involved in the crash near the... more
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